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Fellow alumni, future alumni, prospective alumni, friends, and visitors:

    On behalf of the nearly 10,000 alumni of this great high school, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the
Cathedral Alumni Association. The association exists, wholly and solely, to help our students and by
extension, Cathedral High School itself, succeed.
    As we have recently experienced, the world gets more complicated with every passing day. We would like
to pay our collective respects to the families that lost loved ones and remember fondly our Phantom
brothers that have transitioned. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us so many life lessons. Cathedral
High School and our students are not immune to the changing world and therefore the work of the Alumni
Association is vitally important.
    The Cathedral alumni family is large, and we are proud of the new alumni that will be joining us. The
members of the Class of 2021! There are currently Cathedral Alumni all around the United States. The
Alumni Association is here to continue to build the relationship our alumni have with Cathedral High
    I would like to challenge you to think of ways you can give back to Cathedral High School to whatever
degree you are comfortable. And I do not mean just monetarily, though that is, of course, always
welcome. There are many ways to give back, from career and academic mentoring to volunteering time.
Rooting for the Phantoms in whatever sports appeal to you is always a fun and exciting time and a great
way to connect and reconnect with old friends. As you will find, giving back has another benefit: it feels
    So, thank you for visiting with us today, and please come back often. I encourage you to explore all that
we have to offer to stay connected and make yourself and Cathedral stronger. And if you should find
yourself in the area, please do not hesitate to stop by the CHS. The staff here will be more than happy to
answer any questions you may have and fill you in on what is happening around the campus.
With warmest regard,

Tony Camarena ‘85

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