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Our first meeting was held in the Senior Building more than 70 years ago. We are honored that one of the attendees from that initial meeting, Mr. Ernie Dominguez, Class of ’53, continues to support the Alumni Association by attending monthly meetings regularly. It is in large part due to the dedication and commitment of members like him that we’ve been able to enjoy the longevity we have, while giving back to a school that has left an indelible impression on many of us. The Alumni Association remains committed to the school’s mission of providing a learning environment influenced by the teachings of St. John Baptist De La Salle and filled with the spirit of Christ to young men who come from families of modest financial means.

The Christian Brothers and school administrators are responsible for elevating the school’s stature in recent years by expanding its academic and athletic programs, increasing the number of graduates moving on to four year universities, and more recently replacing our beloved gymnasium with a modern version complete with science classrooms, office, and meeting rooms. The newest addition to the campus is a state of the art Performing Arts Classroom and Theater Complex.  The future of Cathedral is brighter than ever, and with an approaching centennial celebration, the timing is right to continue moving forward with plans to expand the Association’s membership. 

As a non-profit organization, we have historically been able to sustain our vision of being one of the school’s consistent benefactors by successfully soliciting the generous support of alumni at several fundraising events organized throughout the year. Our Fundraising Committee is currently exploring additional opportunities for growth in this area to increase proceeds which can be used by families in need of financial assistance, as well as by different school and sports programs. The Membership Committee is currently tasked with finding and engaging alumni wherever they are in the world, and growing membership so that it is commensurate with our alumni population.  

The experience of attending Cathedral was and is unique. Some may offer that the students, teachers, Christian Brothers, and that small little campus just outside of Chinatown had nothing to do with it, and that a similar experience might have been had attending another area school. And while the reasons we all enrolled were different, we all arrived the same way, through the hard work and sacrifice of our parents, some by bus, others by car, down Broadway and up Bishops Rd, or Stadium Way (for some of us). We walked up the same stairs in front of the attendance office and through the main entrance to our lockers; we talked and laughed about the same things as we rushed down the stairs of the Senior Building to the cafeteria; we sang next to each other with the Choir during school assemblies; we walked out of the locker room between the bleachers, the sound of our cleats landing against the concrete beneath us; we ran out onto the court, the bleachers filled with friends and family; we sat together during mass celebrated in the gym; we attended class together wearing our rings, listening and learning from teachers who shared their class and life lessons; we stood on stage together for the last time, just before accepting our diplomas.  Once….always...Cathedral!  

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