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Cathedral Alumni, Family and Friends,
Two years ago, the Cathedral High School Alumni Gala Committee regrettably had to put the 2020 Alumni Gala on hold. Never did any of us imagine that world would live through lockdowns, quarantines, vaccines and mandates due to the world’s life-changing pandemic event. Our thoughts and prayers are offered to all of those who lost loved ones or are still dealing with the effects of Covid-19.

Now that we are beginning to return to a more normal way of life, we are extremely excited to be able to invite all of you back onto campus to experience one of our most beloved events, our Cathedral High School Alumni Association Gala. This year’s Gala, “Homecoming Under the Stars” promises to be one of our most memorable fundraisers with what’s expected to be our largest crowd, back on campus and back on our football field. This year’s Gala will be held on Saturday, May14th from 5:00pm to 1:00am.
Dinner will be served at 6:00pm and will feature a wonderful Greek Salad, Chicken Piccata, Shrimp with Pasta, Boneless Short Ribs, Rice Pilaf with other sides and of course decadent desserts.

Entertainment will feature the Latin American musical powerhouse, SOTO. Based out of nearby Norwalk, CA, SOTO has emerged as one of the hottest Latin-Funk-R&B-Dance bands in Southern California. Soulful ballads, Latin rhythms and hot dance grooves are sure to keep the Gala grooving all night long. In between sets and after the band, Cathedral High School’s own DJ Pebo ’71 will be showing everyone in attendance why he is regarded as one of the most accomplished and respected talents in the Los Angeles DJ world.

In addition to the main stage entertainment, we will be bringing back the ever popular

“Club CP” kicking-off at 9:00pm in our gym. The lineup of DJs is stellar featuring:

DJ CRUZ (Adrian De La Cruz ‘14)

QÜEZ (Andrew Vasquez ‘14)

MARSS (Oscar Cortez ’14)

PRODIJAY (Julian Pineda ’13)

DJ NACH (Julian Espadas ’12)

The music will be non-stop until 1:00am.

This year’s GALA will be hosting the celebration of many class reunions;

1961, 1962 - 60 Years

1971, 1972- 50 Years

1981, 1982- 40 Years

1991, 1992- 30 Years

2001, 2002- 20 Years 

2011, 2012- 10 Years


Ticket prices are as follows:
$80 per person or $600 per table donation includes entrance and dinner.
$50 per person donation includes entrance (after 8:00pm).


Club CP Banner.jpg

Club CP Returns!!
Inside the Gym
9:00pm - 1:00am

More Information to come

No upcoming events at the moment
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