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Dear Alumni and Friends,
   The Cathedral Alumni is a vital source of support for Cathedral High School. The Alumni helps the students of Cathedral by providing essential funding to the school.   The members of the Alumni take great pride in the daily educational activities of the school and are committed to funding the students and Cathedral’s mission. As a volunteer organization, the members collaborate their talents to raise money that will help Cathedral. One of our major events is the Big Ten Raffle.

Cathedral High School continues to be a leader in providing access and a pathway to college for many students in the City of Los Angeles and surrounding communities. Cathedral has awarded over $4,000,000 in academic scholarships and need based financial aid in 2024-2025. The Big Ten Scholarship Fundraiser continues to be the largest and most successful alumni fund raiser. We would like to thank our alumni and friends that have supported the Big Ten over the years.

By supporting the Big Ten Raffle, you will be investing in Cathedral, our students, and their families! Will you help us? Will you help us achieve our goal, by purchasing a raffle ticket or more. We are asking you to invest in the future of the young men that Cathedral helps provide a Catholic college preparatory education.  You will be happy to know, that no student was dismissed due to financial hardship during this past school year. Over 90% of our students receive tuition assistance and today’s cost represents a much larger portion of our families’ gross income than when we were in school. Tuition alone is $13,500 a year.

The Alumni annually provides over $60,000 a year to support numerous Cathedral events and other scholarship fund efforts such as the Brother Gus and Brother Robb awards, campus upgrades and contributions to various on campus associations and sports programs

This year, once again we are making a special appeal to our loyal and dedicated Cathedral Alumni and friends to increase your support for the Big Ten Scholarship Raffle. For those who have participated in the Raffle in years past thank you for your generous funding and please consider purchasing multiple raffle tickets this year.  For the many who have not been aware of the need of the students at Cathedral High School and have not participated in our annual fundraising efforts, please consider participating in this raffle.  

Thank you for your consideration of this request and thank you in advance for your generous support. You could be the next Big Winner!


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